Bulk downloads-unable to select more than 60 or all

I would like to perform a bulk action against a result list of 260 rows. However,.

  1. I cannot select all 260 items
  2. I have to click all 60 items individually X 5 times and for each time I select the bulk action

A select all would be very useful.
I am attempting to download all Object classes that are for 3 RAs at registration status of Candidate and above. This is one of many bulk actions I require.
For example

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for raising this, we do have the option to select all on browse and workgroup pages - but not on search.

We’ve designed Aristotle to have a consistent user interface - so this is an area for improvement, and I’ll pass it along to the team to fix and will make sure we update the knowledge base as well.

Thanks for letting us know!


Hi @tanya.wordsworth

Just an update to let you know this was fixed in the 19/01/2020 release of Aristotle.

You can now select all when performing a search!