Feature Announcement: Dataset Groups and Tablion Connection

This week we are planning to release two prominent features to the Aristotle Tablion ecosystem, which will help users understand, categorise and reference their Datasets, and allow easy linking to Tablion, our data request platform.

Firstly, we have introduced the capacity to create groups within datasets, allowing users to organise the distributions within datasets into a familiar folder-based approach. Dataset groups can store any number of distributions or other dataset groups, enabling collection of similar distributions. The organisational structure is akin to a file and folder structure and, therefore, will be a familiar mode of organisation. Additionally, the dataset groups may also remind users of the Collections in Aristotle, which have been used extensively for grouping distributions and datasets. There will also remain the option to include distributions in the root level of the dataset, without any groups, similar to the current implementation of the dataset distribution structure.

In addition, the updates will decrease the loading times experienced by users with extensive datasets. They will make the navigation and interrogation of datasets easier and more dynamic.

This photo demonstrates the revamped view that users will see on datasets that have no groups within them.

Additionally, we often need help to view the data elements contained holistically with large distributions. Therefore we have also changed this view to increase the ease of access for users by adding sticky headers.

For users that take full advantage of the dataset grouping structure, a tree structure will aid high-level interrogation of the data assets.

Secondly, we are releasing a tool to allow the connection between Datasets within Aristotle and Tablion - The Tablion Connector. You can now link published and public datasets with an associated Tablion. This process can either be manual or automatic - and the resulting data is populated directly to the tablion set up with your registry. The connector syncs the dataset to Tablion and replicates the structure.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these updates!


Just a quick question about the dataset groups. For existing datasets, should we be able to move an existing distribution from the root level into a group, e.g. by click and dragging it? It seems like I need to delete the distribution from the dataset first, then re-add it directly to the relevant group.

Hey Shane,

Thanks very much for the feedback. At the moment - you do have to remove it from the group before you add it to another group. We have also identified that this editor needs a change to make it easier to use. We are currently working on a fix to make this editing process more manageable and straight forward.

I’ll keep you updated on the release of this change.


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