Glossary item collection

Hi. Is there anyway to group glossary items into separate sets?. I have many sets of business glossaries for different purposes across the organization and in the interest of not getting confused and the final goal to harmonise, it would be great if we could make them all visible. I looked at Collections but I don’t seem to be able to add Glossary items. Suggestions would be welcomed.

Hi Tanya you should be able to add a Glossary Items to a collection and that would be a great way to group them as you have suggested. If you edit the Collection and go to the Included metadata section. Search for the Glossary item/s they will appear in the list ready to be added to your collection.

Thanks but I tried that and the glossary item was not allowed to be added.
Select a valid choice. 53495 is not one of the available choices.

I just answered my question. The item needs to be in a work group to be visible. However it is difficult to find the glossary items required when adding 100s of items. Is there a way to bulk way to load items into to a ‘collection’ and can glossary items be added through the upload data dictionary?