Weekly Software Updates: Aristotle Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements - Released 17 October

Hi Community,

We are delighted to announce the recent releases of Aristotle, bringing important improvements and fixes to enhance your experience. Below, we outline the key changes in these releases:

Aristotle Releases:

Bug Fixes:

  1. Hide deleted items on item pages (with an optional get parameter to show them if required). Deleted items won’t be visible on other item pages with deleted status; they will just go away now if deleted.
  2. Resolve UI issues when adding distributions to the dataset. Display glitches with the cross sign when adding distributions to the dataset are now fixed.
  3. Resolve the performance issue when saving datasets with a large number of distributions.
  4. Fixed the new editor cloning bug.
  5. Fixed the issue of redirecting to the first page when deleting metadata items. Now, the user will remain on the same page after deleting any metadata item, instead of redirecting them to the first page.

Feature enhancements:

  1. Added the option to choose the default search category for authenticated and anonymous registry users.
  2. Changed the default visibility of harvested items to workgroup.
  3. Custom search filters/facets which can be defined per-registry by Aristotle staff.

We extend our sincere thanks to the community for your continued support, feedback, and valuable contributions. Your input is instrumental in shaping these releases, and we are committed to delivering a more robust and efficient experience with Aristotle.

Should you encounter any issues or have further suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your active participation drives us to continually enhance our platforms.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community!


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