Weekly Software Updates: Tablion Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements - Released

Hi Community,

We are delighted to announce the recent releases of Tablion, bringing important improvements and fixes to enhance your experience. Below, we outline the key changes in these releases:

Tablion Releases

Bug Fixes

  • Deleted the count for subgroups in group table: We have resolved an issue with the subgroups count in the group table, ensuring accurate data representation.
  • Fixed unexpected emails when data request is in draft status: We addressed an issue that caused unexpected email notifications during the draft status of data requests, ensuring a more reliable communication process.


Adds Individual Only, Team Only, or Team & Individual application options: We’ve introduced the capability to specify application preferences with options for Individual Only, Team Only, or Team & Individual.

New Features

  • Added remove user timeline event: We’ve introduced a new correspondence that allows to capture the timelines on user that is removed from data request.
  • Added self-remove timeline event We’ve introduced a new correspondence that allows to capture the timelines on user removing themselves from data request.
  • Update the display of Variables page: We’ve improved the user interface on the Variables page, making it more user-friendly and efficient for your needs.

We extend our sincere thanks to the community for your continued support, feedback, and valuable contributions. Your input is instrumental in shaping these releases, and we are committed to delivering a more robust and efficient experience with Aristotle and Tablion.

Should you encounter any issues or have further suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your active participation drives us to continually enhance our platforms.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community!

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