Distribution Downloads

Is it possible to add Excel or CSV as an option to the download function on a Distribution page?
Screenshot 2023-06-07 110045

Hi Col,

It is possible, but not right now. We can definitely consider where it could fit into our roadmap for this year.

Could you please share your thoughts on what you want to download so that we can understand exactly what you are looking for and in what format, if any? Based on that, we can determine the best possible way to achieve it.


We would like to use this function (as a short cut) to produce a csv report for the distribution on screen - rather than using the report builder to produce such a report for the distribution*.
This requirement relates to our governance process, whereby we produce a csv report for SME review/feedback prior to submission to our Data Governance Committee for endorsement. eg we need the SME to be able to see a full listing of Paths, Data Elements, Definitions, Specific Information, and Value Domains for a Distribution.

*we recently experienced a gap in a csv produced via the report builder - it left out a couple of fields that appear in the related distribution but, for what ever reason, did not match the query

Thanks Col
That’s a great idea. We would like to implement it. We will discuss this internally, generate some ideas, and explore how we can incorporate it into our roadmap.