Distribution UUID calls on Aristotle API - need Data Element UUID

I am looking at implementing a use case where we I can refresh another systems metadata using Aristotle as a source of truth.

The user will pass a list of distribution UUID’s, and through a series of API calls my code will find out all the useful information about each distribution, gather a list of the linked data elements (with name, definition), then attach value domain/permissible value information if available.

When I make a call to /metadata/distribution/{item_uuid} I am almost home, within the response is a distributiondataelementpath_set array is just what I’m after to get the Data Element information. However, for some reason the data element id given is an Aristotle ID:

“distributiondataelementpath_set”: [
“id”: “a uuid for the distributiondataelementpath_etc goes here, which can’t be used in any other API call that I can see”,
“data_element”: 12345,
“specialisation_classes”: []

I can’t use data_element in any other API call. For example, I’d love to call /metadata/dataelement/{item_uuid} but this wants a UUID, not Aristotle ID.

It would be great if I also had available something like “data_element_uuid”: ab-number-you-need-to-go-further-cd

What are my options? Given a case where I only know a distribution UUID, I want to be able to find everything I need right to value domain data. Data Element ID is the bottleneck.