Installation Question

I’m following the instruction on

I was having issues installing this on my workstation… various problems, and I’ve uninstalled / reinstalled several components several times… so it’s hard for me to provide specifics of my initial install attempt.

I’m in process on a server, but wanted to verify a few things.

My question is, what version of Python/pip/Django should be used? The latest version as of the end of 2020 is Python Version 3.9.0, pip v20.3.1, & Django v3.1.4? That’s what I’m trying now.

Step 1 indicates: ./ runserver
I tried the above with both Django installed, but got an error. I ended up using ‘python runserver’ to get the web server to start or port 8000.

My progress on the server… I installed Python/pip/Django. I created a Django project & was able to get the WSGI server running on… but when I attempted to “pip install aristotle-metadata-registry”, I get lots of errors that scroll by similar to

It goes on forever. I took lunch, and it was still scrolling when I got back. I’m going to let it run for a few more hours. Any thoughts as to what may be happening?

Also, on another subject…

On the ‘easy install’ page, the link in the upper right: “Edit on GitHub” is a dead link. It references

This page,
has a link: starting a project as described in the Django tutorial that is dead. It should be I’m guessing.

I ended up closing the window “pip install aristotle-metadata-registry” after a couple of hours. I tried the “aristotle-installer” command, but it was unrecognized.

Hi @troyf,

We stopped publishing the Aristotle Metadata Registry through PyPI earlier this year and have switched to a Docker-based management of the software due to the growing number of dependencies. Unfortunately, there are some links that refer to the older versions still around and we’re working with those sites to have them taken down.

We do run a free registry at for users, and earlier next year we will be opening it us to allow anyone to create a Stewardship Organisation within that registry. In the interim, I’d be happy to set up a private Organisation in that registry for you to begin working with the software.

If you are specifically interested in managing your own registry, if you email me at I’d be happy to set up some time to talk about your use case for Aristotle, and see how we can assist with your metadata requirements.


PS. Thanks for joining our community - I think there are many people here who would be keen to hear about your interest in metadata management.

Documentation is a (necessary) pain! I understand how it can age and still be useful in some areas and not others. I appreciate the information about PyPI!

My job function has transitioned from Database Administrator (DBA) to DBA/Data Architect (DA). I’m looking for purpose built DA software to start getting a grasp of the data of a small business that is complicated by 30 years of partial rewrites and moving data between databases to accommodate the partial replacement of applications.

The company is not willing to spend $5k - $50k (some of the EA/DA tools are expensive, to say the least :slight_smile: The company does not realize the small audience, and extensive work required to create purpose built software for the DA rightly justifies the price tag.

What I’m looking for is an open source project for which I’m able to fork and develop for my needs, and contribute back to the project the parts that make sense. As an example, I’d like to be able to monitor database tables for changes. If a change is detected, the DA is alerted and asked to provide the documentation. Once documented, the DA would “publish”, thereby making it available to the audience.

Troy Frericks.

We did previously have an open-source version, but it became challenging to maintain and support.

We are looking at releasing a community edition in future, and I’ll make sure we keep you informed when its release.