Weekly Software Updates: Tablion and Aristotle Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements - Released 7th November

Dear Community,

We’re thrilled to share with you the latest updates and improvements in Aristotle v6.2.0 and Tablion v3.6.1 - 3.7.0. These releases bring a combination of bug fixes, new features, and enhancements that aim to elevate your experience with our platforms.

Aristotle v6.2.0 Release Highlights:


  • Change links on admin tools page to a grid: Enjoy a more streamlined experience with the redesigned layout on the admin tools page.
  • Add support for customised Django templates: Tailor your templates to your specific needs with this new feature.
  • Added new permission for controlling Django templates: Have more control over your Django templates with the introduction of a new permission.
  • Bulk Creator for Alternative Names and Identifiers: Save time and effort with the Bulk Creator for managing alternative names and identifiers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Update Bulk Creator to support JSON custom fields: Addressing a crucial issue, we’ve updated the Bulk Creator to seamlessly support JSON custom fields.
  • Fix exception raised during indexing: No more disruptions during indexing when a custom search filter uses a Jinja template filter.
  • Fixed default search category display: Enjoy a smoother search experience with the fixed default search category display.
  • Fix internal server error when saving a property group: Save large property groups without worry, as we’ve fixed the internal server error associated with it.

Tablion v3.6.1 - 3.7.0 Release Highlights:

Bug Fixes:

  • Align navbar links within the content container: Experience improved navigation with aligned navbar links within the content container.
  • Update the status of a comment attachment: Stay organized as we now update the status of a comment attachment when the file is deleted.
  • Removed data request application checks when saving as draft: Streamline your workflow by saving drafts without unnecessary data request application checks.
  • Fix issue with data request questions not being updated: Ensure data request questions are accurately updated in the second-to-final sections.


  • Added variable download function: Enjoy greater flexibility with the introduction of a variable download function.
  • Removed data request application checks when saving as draft: Reiterating this feature for emphasis—save drafts effortlessly without unnecessary checks.

We appreciate your continued support and feedback. Feel free to explore these new updates, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.

Happy exploring!

Best regards,
Muskan Mangla