New Aristotle Metadata website announcement

Hey everyone,

On behalf of the whole Aristotle team I wanted to announce to our community that we have just launched a new product website for Aristotle Metadata

This is the first refresh for since it was first launched 3 years. This redesign is designed to capture the cleaner, flatter design common in sites and will make it easier for us to update with more information as we continue to grow.

We got a lot of feedback on the old and new designs from a diverse group of users, and we’ve worked to make the intangible benefits of good metadata management front and center. While many of our users and community recognise metadata as valuable for understanding data, we’ve looked at the ways that metadata is impacting our clients beyond just data management.

This means a greater focus on how metadata management is reducing the cost of data discovery and an increase the number of self-sevice data queries. This is also backed up by real-word client testimonials that talk about how metadata is making tangible business sense for our users.

We’ve also included semi-anonymous reviews from our new Capterra reviews page. We want to hear more reviews from our users - not just about how we’re helping, but also how we can improve. So if you’d like to have your say on your experiences with Aristotle Metadata - please write us a review here: Write a Review - Capterra

And on a final note - the we’ve kept the opening “typer” to show case all of the amazing ways that metadata is having an impact. And yes, this means we’ve kept two of our site easter eggs:

The first can be seen when you go to will load a classic line from Zoolander.

The second secret… we’ll leave for you to find

Let us know what you think below! And let us know if there is any information you’d like to see on the site.