New Feature Launch - "System users" to provide automated access to the Aristotle Metadata Registry

Dear community members,

We are thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature that aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our platform’s metadata management: the “System User”.

What is the “System User”?
The “System User” is a special built-in user account exclusively available to our registry administrators. It serves as a highly valuable tool for making updates to metadata, where it is more appropriate for the system itself to be recognised as the Modifier or Creator, instead of attributing the changes to a specific individual.

How it Benefits You?
With the “System User,” our administrators can now carry out bulk duplication processes seamlessly, without worrying about irrelevant user details carrying over to the copied versions. This feature ensures that metadata updates and creations at the system level are accurately identified, preventing any confusion of changes made by administrators.

Why is it Important?
The “System User” feature plays a vital role in maintaining data integrity and accountability within our platform. It shields regular users from being incorrectly identified as creators or updaters in cases of system-driven changes. This enhancement is particularly crucial for instances where system-generated updates occur due to administrative actions.

Your Feedback Matters!
At Aristotle Metadata, your feedback drives our innovations. We are excited to present this new feature based on the valuable insights shared by our community members. We believe it will elevate your experience and further streamline your metadata management processes.

To assist you in effectively utilising this feature, we have prepared a comprehensive documentation.
System Users.pdf (2.3 MB)

We encourage all users and administrators to explore and utilise the “System User” feature. Your continued support and feedback will help us refine and improve our services, ensuring we meet your evolving needs.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community, and we look forward to bringing you more enhancements in the future.

Happy updating!

Best regards,
Muskan Mangla

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@skew @Michael - I know you were both very interested in this for API support. Its been a long time coming, but its finally here!

Please let me know if either of you have feedback on this one.

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Hi @Muskan.Mangla , I’ve now created a System User in our registry, but how do I now actually use it to create content? Apologies if there is something obvious I’m not seeing!


Hello Shane,

I hope you’re doing well. System users have the ability to update content in two ways: through the API or by using the federator in the registry. If you need an API token, you can generate one in the system user’s profile.
Currently, system user’s cannot edit content via item editor. Your feedback is really valuable that will help us to improve the functionality of the feature.

I’d be happy to schedule a quick call to assist you with this.

Best regards,