Aristotle Metadata Community Feedback session - February 2021

We’re hosting our first community feedback session for 2021 to look at upcoming changes to the Aristotle Metadata Registry.

In this we’ll be looking at newly released features, including:

  • How to set up editing and deletion policies to control or restrict the creation and deletion of metadata by users
  • Minor layout changes to the statistical classifications and correspondences editor
  • New User guides looking at how to build business glossaries and controlled vocabularies
  • New video training available on Youtube for all users

As well as gathering feedback on some upcoming features and changes, including

  • A new graphical metadata model viewer
  • OpenSocial embedding to give more context to metadata
  • A minor overhaul to site icons to identify content & actions

If you’re curious to know what “OpenSocial” is, its use by the very community forum to convert links to preview windows, like that below. So why not test out the Eventbrite OpenSocial banner below and sign up and come along!

Thanks for the update @sam.

Will the preview windows share information about private metadata? We have a lot of metadata we only make available for users in our agency and don’t want information about public metadata being shared.

Hi Gemma,

The OpenGraph boxes will only be able to show content that is published.

If a user pastes a link to private metadata or private pages will only show a “Login style box like that shown below”:


Metadata item pages that have been published, or other public pages will look like the one shown below:

Thanks to everyone for registering and coming along to this webinar. The recording of this is now available online. We’ve also published a brief run down of this webinar on our blog.

Our next webinar later will be an “Introduction to metadata management using Excel and the Aristotle Metadata Registry”, if you have any suggestions for topics you would like to see us cover reply to this port with your thoughts.

Thanks to @lauren for recording this and adding timestamps: