2022 Aristotle Metadata Roadmap now available!

Its been a busy 2022 already for us at Aristotle Metadata, but we’ve collated all of our user feedback to produce the 2022 Aristotle Metadata Roadmap.

In the coming weeks we will be scheduling our first community feedback session regarding recent developments, including:

  • Additional support for summary statistics for data registered within the Aristotle Metadata Registry
  • Enhanced data lineage support
  • New metadata harvesting
  • Improvements to the creation, publication and management of Aristotle Collections
  • and more…

However, in the mean time, read over the 4 major themes in the metadata development space we’ve heard from our client and look forward to delivering to you this year:

1. Data lineage and data inventories

Over the course of 2022, we are going to be adding enhanced data lineage support to help users describe how people use data within their organisation. We’re also adding new profiling tools to help users record data inventories in a standardised way - including supporting the Office of the National Data Commissioner’s Core Attributes for government data dictionaries. Throughout 2022, keep an eye out for announcements on the following features:

  • Data lineage descriptions to describe dataset, distribution and field-level data flows
  • Geospatial metadata support and map-based data search and discovery
  • Specialised data inventory tools to aid with initial implementations

2. Improving usability to deliver data democratisation

We are constantly redefining what metadata management means and looking for innovative ways to make metadata and data governance accessible and user-friendly. This includes re-examining and reframing what we’ve done, and building new ways of working. This year our focus is improving discovery and linkage in the following ways:

  • A brand new, rebuilt search interface
  • User-friendly metadata linkage and faster creation of content
  • Improved site customisation for home pages
  • Improved management and linkage of metadata collections

3. Metadata-driven data request administration

Last year we announced our “click-and-collect” data sharing tool - the Tablion Data Portal - and this year we are going to enhance how data sharing is done. Our unique metadata-first approach makes data sharing faster by sharing metadata to give users insight to data, before it’s made available. This year we’re going to be embedding of more Aristotle Metadata within the Tablion Data Portal, including:

  • Embedded summary statistics within data portals
  • Advanced filtering of data requesting using Aristotle Metadata values and reference data
  • Integrated single sign on authentication between Aristotle Metadata products

4. Metadata harvesting, discovery and quality control

Our users have asked about support for initial data inventory and harvesting support to ‘bootstrap’ the data governance process in a controlled way that drives metadata adoption across the organisation. We’re supporting this by adding new tools that assist with metadata flows into and beyond user registries to build a full-federated metadata discovery system, including:

If you want to read more, head over to the full announcement on our blog, and as always - as questions below!