Deleting a registered metadata

I was wondering if it was at all possible for administrators to remove once-registered metadata, so that it does not appear anymore for users in standard searches?
Until now I’ve managed to move it to another Workgroup without other users and set the Registration status to “Retired”, but is there a way to remove it completely, like in the Sandbox?

Hi Fabian,

Thanks for the question.

The only way (right now) to delete an item completely is from a users Sandbox, but there is a way to move an item back to the users Sandbox if it belongs to different groups in the Registry.

An Administrator has the ability to remove an item from all the groups it can belong to - a Workgroup, Registration Authority, and a Stewardship Organisation. Once an item has been removed from those groups, it will be moved to the Sandbox of the user who created the item and then can be deleted.

Here is a link to the help page that will step you through removing an item from the different groups in the Registry:

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Hi Lauren,

Thanks for the tutorial, this works perfectly!

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