How to record data lineage


How do I record data lineage in Aristotle?
I’m interested in distributions and linking them together.


HI @aaron,

We have a few ways to record data lineage in Aristotle. From a dataset you can provide a link to one or more source datasets by using the “Provenance” link under the Components tab. You can see more on how to do this on our Knowledge base under “Data lineage”

To link Distributions, you can also use the “specific information” section for each data element to provide a link back to the source column in another distribution. This is done by editing the HTML and providing a link back to the source. You can see an example of this on Aristotle.Cloud where we’ve created an collection of data lineage examples to demonstrate this to users.

We are also looking at implementing more robust provenance links between paths in Distributions using formats like PROV-O to record the derivation of a column of data.

Once we’re closer to finalising this we’ll be running a workshop with users to get their feedback on this.

Thanks - Sam