I want a way to quickly assign an individual to multiple workgroups?

I can assign an individual to a workgroup from within the workgroup>members page, but what I would like to do is add an individual to multiple workgroups at the same time. I have looked at various settings pages for individuals and can’t find anything to allow this. Am I simply looking in the wrong spot or is this functionality not currently supported within Aristotle?

Thank you A:)

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Hey @Adrian, unfortunately you’ve stumbled on some functionality that we don’t currently support. Memberships need to be assigned to each Workgroup individually.

Although we are currently seeking suggestions for for the 2021 and would love to hear some more thoughts on this. Are you seeing this as a Stewardship Organisation administrator function accessed from the SO membership page?

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@sam I was hoping I had overlooked something. I think this functionality sits as you have described. I don’t think there is anywhere else this could be done. Thank you for looking into this for me.

Related to this is being able to clone a member’s user roles . I want to select a user and provide all the same permissions and roles to another user. At the moment I have to assign these individually to many workgroups.