Workgroups and edit accesses

Hi all, question for the community…

We currently have about 70 workgroups in our stewardship org, and up until now we (registrars) have retained tight control over managing and editing content in these workgroups. However, we would like to start allocating out steward or manager roles to the actual data stewards for these workgroups to allow them to manage their own workgroup membership and make minor changes to data asset records in their care.

So while we want stewards to be able to make changes to data sets and distributions, we do not want them to be able to edit data elements or data element components, as there is not yet the level of expertise of 11179 required to assess the impact that changing a definition could have on related items.

I was thinking of organising workgroup content so that any endorsed (locked) data definitions are moved into a common workgroup where only my team had access to make changes…

But not sure if I am missing another better solution? Because, on the other hand, we do still want to be able to easily see who the contact steward is for a particular definition, if there is one.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!


Hi Shane,

There are various ways to achieve it.

  1. As you mentioned, move the endorsed (locked) content to a workgroup where only your team has access to make changes.

  2. As per the requirement, you can set the state status for workgroups as locked or unlocked in the registration authority.
    For example, you can set “Preferred Standard” registration state’s visibility to “Workgroup” and status to “Locked”, and for the “Standard” registration state, set visibility to “Workgroup” and status to “Unlocked”. Then, you can assign roles to the members of the workgroups as “stewards” or “submitters”.
    The “Stewards” can edit content within the workgroup that has been progressed to a locked registration state by a registrar.
    The “Submitters” can edit content that has not been progressed by a registrar to a locked state. They can view all content in a workgroup and can submit metadata for review by a registrar.
    The stewards can be your team, who have access to make changes even to the “locked” content, and the other team members can be submitters.

  3. You can create two registration authorities. For the first, set “Standard” registration state to “Workgroup” visibility and “Locked” status, and for the second, set “Standard” registration state to “Workgroup” visibility and “Unlocked” status. Then, you can move different teams under different registration authorities.

Hope this helps.