Alternative names

Are there any user restriction/s in assigning Alternative Names? (ie is the ability restricted to a Steward or Manager with access to the metadata item in a workgroup?)

The only variable in the Alternative Name settings relates to visibility, not capacity to assign


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Administrators of the stewardship organisation have the capability to create alternative name types, such as “Abbreviation,” within the registry. Through the visibility ribbon, administrators can specify who has permission to view any alternative name associated with this alternative name type in the registry.
Regarding the attachment of alternative names to this created type, any user with editing access to the workgroup where the metadata resides can perform this action. It is essential to note that as alternative name types are established at the stewardship organisation level, the metadata type must belong to the respective workgroup. Therefore, any user possessing submitter, steward, or manager permissions at the workgroup level can add alternative names to the items.
Additionally, users can utilise the custom field bulk importer feature to add alternative names in bulk to the metadata items.
I am happy to catch up to help you with this if required. :slight_smile:

(In June 2022) AndrewB asked about the searchability of alternative names, can you please advise when this functionality will be enabled?

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Dear Col,

I apologise for not responding sooner. I was investigating the situation to understand what has happening with this issue. It appears there has been a change in staffing, leading to this feature being postponed. However, I can confirm that one of our developers is actively addressing this matter, and we anticipate a resolution by the end of this month.
I regret the delay in responding this request, but please be assured that progress is being made, and a solution is forthcoming.

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Thanks for following this up, Muskan. We are also keen to see this functionality implemented.