Additional information appearing in the Identifiers

I’ve noticed some additional text is appearing in the details for different data elements. For example, for the Data Set Specification in the screenshot below the text is: test - 3463.

Some of our users are adding custom name spaces and it makes it a bit confusing to have the UUID, the namespace, and the additional text all appearing in the identifiers.


Hi Andrew,
Thank You for reporting this to us.
There is a feature in Aristotle Registry, which allows users with Administration access, to provide an additional unique name to an identifier in the registry. As you have noticed this name and identifier displays in all the metadata in the registry.
While metadata is created in the registry, there are 2 type of unique identifier that can be auto generated in the registry, the UUID and a shorter IDs that user can find in the URL of the metadata.
This is what is being displayed in the information box.
This can be done under registry setting section in Aristotle Cloud Dashboard.
We have investigated this in the Home - Education, Skills and Employment metadata registry registry, and found that one of the admins of the registry has entered some text (TEST) in the field that activates the searchable ID.
You can reverse it by going into the Aristotle cloud Dashboard → View registry settings, Scroll down to Registry settings tab and you can remove the test from the “Infobox Identifier Name” and save the changes. This will remove the TEST-Id number from all metadata items in the registry.

Please feel free to contact us, we are here to help.
Muskan Mangla
Metadata Analyst

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Thanks very much Muskan.

I put that text in as I was wondering what that field did. I hadn’t been able to work out what it related to. Thanks for figuring out my mistake.