Identifying open review requests

I was just wondering how we identify when a review of an item exists?
The review request is not visible within the item itself – only in My Review Requests – which are only viewable by me. I wondered if it was viewable to others in my work group that a request for endorsement was in place.

I wondered if another user also put a review request in, the registrars could potentially have multiple for the same data item. If the request was viewable under the Issues tab for instance, there would be decreased duplication of review requests and I could identify that another user has commenced a review for that item also.

If it fell under the Issues tab, it could then sit in the Issues tab of the work group it belonged to – potentially assisting with the management of review requests for registrars also. I believe at the moment it comes through as a notification, along with the many others that come through each day.

Thank you

Heather (Services Australia)

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Welcome @heather - and thanks for raising this issue. At the moment, we don’t have a way for users to see other reviews for an item apart from those they made. Registrars are able to view all of the reviews in their Registration Authority - but we don’t have similar functionality for workgroups.

As part of the roadmap process we are currently doing some improvements to Issues and Reviews, which is due for release in early October. These will include the ability to link a workgroup to a review, so team members are aware of these activities. This change will also mean under your Review Requests in the dashboard, you could see all reviews you can participate in, not just ones you’ve opened.

Our current plan was to add a “Reviews” tab to the workgroup pages that would show all reviews linked to it, but I’d like to hear more about you idea about having them listed under Issues.

We’ll also be sharing some training video showing all of these features once they are released as well.

Hi @heather, just an update on this - we’re close to finishing this functionality.
We’re going to be putting up some screenshots early next week for feedback from users, and this will show a more straight forward reviews and issues list.

When we release this its also going to include the ability to link workgroups to reviews, to reduce duplication of effort and improve the collaboration across the site.

Thanks so much for this update Sam, we are all pretty excited the functionality for reviews and issues is being further developed.

Great work! I’ll keep an eye out for the screenshots this week.

Thank you for keeping us in the loop J



@heather We’ve had this post up for a while, but in case you missed it we’re running a feedback session about this this week: Upcoming Aristotle feature feedback session - Reviews and Issues

Thanks Sam

I’ve got my ticket to attend! J