Items under review question

We have been looking at the new review update. Congratulations looks amazing.

A question was asked about why when looking at a metadata item which is under review there isn’t anything to indicate it is currently going through a review. It was suggested that somewhere on this page there should be an indication about it being reviewed.

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Dear Adrian,

Thank you for your message.

We just added the list of item reviews at the bottom of the metadata infobox.


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Looks like a great solution, thank you.


Happy new year and good morning.

This addition is really useful for highlighting that an item is under review, but we have noticed that any reviews which are closed still appear in the metadata infobox. We were expecting that once a review was closed it would disappear from this box. Another suggestion provided to me was there could be an historical review section in the infobox showing closed reviews.

Thank you and for consideration.

Thanks for the feedback @Adrian. That’s a good idea about only showing open reviews.

We’re currently finalising the draft feature roadmap for this year. If we can’t resolve this quickly I’ll make sure this feedback is included in the draft that goes out for comment to users.

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