Introducing the Custom Field Bulk Uploader

Greetings, community members!

We are thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature that will make managing metadata a breeze: the Custom Field Bulk Uploader**. :rocket:

As metadata enthusiasts, we understand the importance of capturing all relevant information, even beyond the standardised data fields. With the Custom Field Bulk Uploader, you now have the flexibility to add additional data fields to your metadata items, going beyond the boundaries set by the ISO 11179 standard.

This feature provides you with an efficient and convenient way to populate these custom fields with values using our bulk uploader tool. No more manual data entry or tedious updates! With the Custom Field Bulk Uploader, you can perform bulk actions, such as updating or documenting values for multiple metadata records, by simply uploading a CSV or Excel file.To access the help documentation and start exploring the potential of the Custom Field Bulk Uploader, simply download the attached file. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is here to assist you.

We’re excited to see how this new feature transforms your metadata management experience. Share your success stories, insights, and feedback with the community, as together we unlock the true potential of customised metadata.

Happy documenting!

Best regards,
Muskan Mangla
Custom Field Bulk Uploader.pdf (1.2 MB)

Thanks Muskan. We tried this feature yesterday. It looks great!

Thank you Kris for your valuable feedback. :slight_smile: