Using the Bulk Creator to upload information for Data Sets

We are planning to load Data Sets to Aristotle using the Bulk Creator.

We have defined Custom Fields to the Data Set model.

Can we load information to these Custom Fields using the Bulk Creator? Would we add the system name for the Custom Field as a column to the Excel template, then add the information to each applicable cell in the column?

Also, the Bulk Creator template for Data Set has a Uuid column. Am I correct that cells which are blank are inserted while cells with a valid Uuid are treated as updates? What happens if we fill it in with an invalid value?

Hey Andrew,
Currently, the functionality to add custom fields though the bulk creator is not available. However, we have added the suggestion to our backlog, and we will see how it fits in with the roadmap for an upcoming release. We will keep you posted on the status of this feature and update you on release!

As you assumed; using a valid UUID will update the object with the fields which you have entered. If you enter an invalid UUID it will raise an error and request that you resolve the issue with the UUID.

Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns!

Thanks for the response Ben.

I assume it is also not possible to use the Bulk Importer for Tags, Alternative Names or for alternative NameSpace Identifiers?

Hey Andrew,

Also - currently no. If you are interested in what fields are available for a particular object you can try uploading a spreadsheet or csv with those fields and the uploader will inform you of the available fields.

For example; for the dataset; These are the available fields:
Valid metadata field names are: 'uuid', 'name', 'definition', 'version', 'references', 'origin uri', 'origin', 'comments', 'license', 'rights', 'release date', 'modification date', 'frequency', 'spatial coverage', 'temporal coverage', 'catalog', 'landing page', 'contact point' and 'conforming specification'.

Thanks for the suggestion! We will have a look at adding some of these additional fields to the bulk importer and see where it fits in with the roadmap.


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