Order of Distributions within a Data Set

I am wondering if there is a functionality to be able to change a collection of distributions within a data set so that they are shown in a particular order please?
Thank you!

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Hi Rachael,

Unfortunately at the moment we don’t have the ability to reorder distributions within datasets and they are ordered based on their date added.
We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on this and currently actively working on a way to add reordering capability for data sets and distributions, and should have an update that adds this feature within the next few weeks.

Hi @RachaelS

Just an update - we’ve now added support for adding and reordering distributions from the dataset editor page.

You will need to be able to opt-in for the new editor to do this…

But once you’ve done that open the components tab…

And down the bottom there is now a list of all linked Distributions that can be reordered within the Dataset.

We’ve left it blank as we are looking at adding more dataset information here (such as lineage and linkage information) in future.

That’s great thanks Sam! :slight_smile: