Take the next step forward in your metadata management with our new templates

We’re proud to release two new documents that will help our clients and the public better manage their metadata. These templates will provide users with a structured approach to documenting their data assets, improving the quality of their data, and making it easier to find, understand, and reuse data.

The first document provides a step-by-step guide to documenting and managing metadata in accordance with the ISO 11179 standard and is designed for users who want to improve their data asset management without the use of complex tooling. It will help users build capability and ensure that their metadata is complete, consistent, and accurate.

The second document, the Unofficial ONDC, is specially targeted for government users. This template is designed to help government organisations document their data assets according to the ONDC framework, which is used to manage metadata in the public sector. The ONDC framework provides a comprehensive approach to metadata management, including the documentation of data assets, the definition of data policies, and the implementation of metadata management processes.

Both templates will help users build their metadata management capability without requiring complex tools. They are designed to be user-friendly and provide a structured approach to documenting and managing metadata. Users can use these templates as a starting point to build their metadata management processes and can tailor them to their specific needs.

Simple ONDC Dataset Template.dotx (280.1 KB)
Simple ISO11179 Dataset Template.dotx (278.2 KB)