Aristotle User Guides

We’ve started producing user guides to help people accomplish tasks with the Aristotle Metadata Registry.

You can view and download these from at:

We’ve already published a guide title “How to record data in a metadata registry”, and have more in draft and on the way!

If there is a specific task or guide you would like to read, comment below to let us know!

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The user guides are a great new way to get started in the Aristotle Metadata Registry. Try searching for Business Glossary, Data Dictionary or Data Asset and you can see the user guide that answers your questions about how to include your work in the Aristotle Metadata Registry. More to come on Data Quality Statements.

Get into the habit of sharing information about the quality of the data by using the Data Quality Statement in Aristotle. See the user guide How to record data quality in the Aristotle Metadata Registry.