Feature Announcement – Executive Dashboard

On February the 8th we released a new executive dashboard to provide users
with high level insights and analytics about their registry’s use. The new Executive Dashboard provides a high level, graphical overview of data governance activity.

This new tool shows several charts which show the registry’s use overtime such as the total amount of metadata created, active users, and the creation and handling of data governance issues. The Executive Dashboard also shows insights into the breakdown of metadata within different organisations within the registry.

Each chart has different aggregations which can be used to see the data broken down into the respective stewardship organisations or registration authorities. In addition, the dashboard also shows information about the use of the registry’s search. This chart can be used to see successful and failed searches which users have made.

The data for each of the dashboard charts can be downloaded using the download button in the top right and more help for each graph can be found through the help button. The dashboard can be accessed through the toolbox and is available to all superusers. Other users can be provided with explicit permissions to view the Executive Dashboard.

Administrators can provide executive dashboard permission to users through the user site-wide permission management.