Executive Dashboard

Is it possible to apply a stewardship filter to the Executive Dashboard?
For example within the Metadata.NSW Registry, tables are dominated by one Stewardship

Hi Col,

You can filter by stewardship organisation by clicking on the ‚ÄėRegistry‚Äô text in all the graphs. See the screenshot below for reference.

And then click on the stewardship organisation’s name to select or deselect them for inclusion or exclusion from the graphs. Please refer to the screenshot below for an example.



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Is it possible to filter by Steward Organisation in the ‚ÄúMost viewed metadata‚ÄĚ view?

The ‚ÄėMost viewed metadata‚Äô shows the 10 most viewed metadata instances within your registry. You can filter the options by time using the filter at the bottom, but not by ‚ÄėStewardship organisation‚Äô.