Metadata in the wild - introducing SITH

Aristotle staff have spent the last 48 hours participating in GovHack - and we just finished our SITH skills project.

Over an intensely busy weekend we pulled together data from the National Skills Commission and Australian Bureau of Statistics to develop an interactive tool that allows jobseekers to browse jobs and see related skills along side salary data to make informed, data driven decisions.

The Skills Identification & Transferability Handbook (SITH) uses Jobs and Education Data Infrastructure (JEDI) data and is supported by an Aristotle Metadata Registry holding ABS and NSC classifications for easy search and discovery.

You can see the SITH tool online at: SITH - Skills Interactive Transfer Helper

Over an extremely busy 48 hours, we migrated Australian Skills Classification from an Excel document into a standalone Aristotle Metadata Registry to provide us with search and similarity APIs.

Next, powered by coffee, we then pulled the ABS occupation classification, as well as average weekly earnings data from the ABS API to provide a more detailed view of employment opportunities and rewards.

Lastly, we built concordances from the Skills Classification to ANZSCO to provide a mapping of Skills and Occupations that was accessible online and via the API to power our web app.

We think this project demonstrates the importance of metadata for communicating with data. Without metadata, the rich story that data can tell is incomplete. The Aristotle Metadata Registry - and the excellent work that the National Skills Commission has done was integral to producing SITH.

Aristotle Cloud Services Australia is always on the lookout for ways we can help organisations tell their own stories better - with data - and so please contact us at if you found this interesting and want to talk.

Also, in building SITH we had to extend and augment classification functionality - so keep your eyes peeled for exciting new improvements to the Aristotle Metadata Registry SaaS in the coming months - as we take what we learnt in GovHack and use it to improve the user experience for all our clients.

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